Blending mindful movement practice
with the joy of partner dance

Express yourself to music
Increase body awareness
Meet and dance with people

Classes and workshops running in Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria

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No experience or partner necessary, just bring yourself.

Conscious partner dance focuses on 3 areas:

Conscious partner dance 1Body awareness
Dance increases awareness of how you hold yourself and how you move. By consciously focusing on moving your body you refine your motor skills and awaken muscles that may have become dormant though unconscious patterns of movement. Dance invites you to re-pattern the way you move and to become more flexible and free.
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Conscious partner dance 2Music and Expression
There’s nothing like the joy of dancing freely. Letting yourself go and being moved by the music. Feeling how the music moves you and improvising your own dance are fantastic ways you can feel the joy of expressing yourself.
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This is a space where you can connect with other people in a creative and fun environment. The emphasis is on dancing together, whether that be in partnership through partner dancing, or with the group as a collective whole. You will feel uplifted and energized by the group interaction.
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