Embodied partner dance

Explore body, music and partner connection through dance.

Increase body awareness for ease of movement
Express yourself to music
Find creativity and flow in improvisation
Explore connection to other people through dance

Body awareness
Dance cultivates a deeper awareness of how you carry your body;Conscious partner dance 1 how you physically move through life. By consciously learning to move your body in pleasing ways you refine your motor skills and awaken muscles that may have become dormant though unconscious patterns of movement. Bodies become locked up due to stress or compensation for injuries. Conscious dance invites you to re-pattern the way you move and you become more flexible and free.

Life runs on cycles and rhythms. The rhythm of your own walk, your heartbeat, the way you chew Conscious partner dance 2your food, the rhythms of the days, hours, minutes and seconds, and the cycles of the seasons.  Life doesn’t work without rhythms.  Dance helps your awareness of rhythm and expressing rhythm through dance keeps you in touch with the rhythms all around you. You learn to hear rhythm and more importantly to feel it, helping you engage with all rhythms that happen throughout life.

Partnership – relationship
The dance partnership is a relationship in miniature -a microcosm of all relationships.  It’s a few
minutes of co-operation and co-creation with another human being. Whenever you come into contact with another person you are in relationship with them; from romantic partners, family members and friends to your next door neighbour and the check-out person at the supermarket – everyone. There’s a transaction that goes on between you; an energetic exchange.

Learning to partner dance means consciously learning how you play out your part in a transaction with another person. Learning to partner dance means learning to co-create a satisfying experience for both parties. Because in partner dance the outcome is to create something that is fun and satisfactory for both partners, this learning can and will open up personal insights into where you compromise or dominate instead of co-operate and search for a win-win outcome. It’s the perfect analogy for life and learning to navigate boundaries in the microcosm of dance has far-reaching effects in all areas of life.

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