Body awareness

What is body awareness?
Body awareness is becoming more familiar with your physical body and how you interact with the world. It’s a fascinating journey into who you are. Through exploration you will become more aware of who how you are living in this unique body.  You will become more connected with yourself.

Why become more body aware?
You become more co-ordinated and having more co-ordination and spacial awareness you are less likely to injure yourself and you become more aware of other people around you.

You become more aware of where you hold tension, pain and postural habits that aren’t helpful and you can gently release them

When you change the way you move through life you change the way you feel, the physical body and emotions are interconnected

What I teach in Dancing Connections
By doing any kind of dancing you bring awareness to your body.  There are also exercises in the classes and workshops to specifically help you get more in touch with your body.


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