Human connection

The partner dance is a microcosm of personal relationships and human connection. Human connection in danceThrough taking a conscious look at how we play our part in a partner dance we can reflect on how we ‘do’ our relationships as we move through life. This work can help us reflect on all relationships that we have in our lives, from our work/colleague relationships to our friendly neighbour relationships, but it is especially powerful when it comes to our more intimate relationships.

We need connection with other people more than ever in our lives, so this is a space for you to interact and connect with others through dance.  Classes are informal, you don’t need to bring a partner or have any experience with dance, dance is for all an you can dance no-matter who you are.

Through guided exercises and music you will be invited to play around with what works for you and your body.  You will be encouraged to connect, play and create with other people in the class.


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