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Introduction to partner dance
A guide to exploring body awareness, musical expression and partner connection

Do you want to start exploring partner dance in a mindful way?
Do you want to deepen your experience of dancing for yourself and with a partner?

I want to share with you my insights and understandings that I’ve gathered from my years of dance exploration. ¬†This is a practical introduction to exploring dance with inspiration I’ve gained through exploring many styles of partner dance, solo dance and somatic movement practice.

In this guide simple exercises will introduce you to body awareness; finding your connection to music and musical expression; and how to connect with another person through dance.

  • If you’re just beginning to explore dance or partner dance, this will help you get off to a great start.
  • If you’ve got dance experience this will help you strip yourself back to basics to build a more embodied practice in your partner dancing.

This guide is available for free when you sign up in the box to the right.¬† As well as receiving the guide, you’ll also get updates on articles as they are posted.

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