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Body awareness explorations


This is a short course of guided body awareness explorations. Each short audio will guide your attention to your body in sitting and standing postures, spine and neck movements and walking. These body awareness explorations invite you out of your thinking mind and into your experience of being in your body, helping you understand yourself on a deeper level. This course invites you to hold space for yourself to discover and uncover things that may otherwise go unnoticed in your busy life. It will also allow you to slow down and have some revitalising and refreshing time for yourself. Discoveries you may make are: - Where you hold tension and stress in your body and how to intuitively allow this to be released - Parts of yourself that have been forgotten, numbed out, or neglected - How you feel about yourself and your body - Accepting yourself and your body for how it is in this moment - What it feels like to be in a space of releasing and relaxation




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