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Why practice mindful movement?

Movement is an integral part of living in this world. There is nothing that happens without movement, whether that be playing sport and exercising, playing an instrument or making a meal, it all requires movement. Injury and strain on the body often happen through unconscious repetitive movement patterns and this is where having a mindful movement practice helps not just to realign and release these tensions, but to help you gain awareness of these patterns so that you can consciously choose to move in more aligned ways that don't place undue stress and strain on the body.

Somatic and mindful movement enhances your mindfulness in all areas of your life. One of my teachers used to say 'how you do anything is how you do everything', and that applies to mindfulness. When you can bring conscious attention to one part of your life and practice it in a somatic movement class then you can bring that mindful attention to all parts of your life. Your awareness of sensation and choosing movement that feels good improves everything, from enjoying washing the dishes, or a walk in the park to self-pleasure and sex.

Like many things, practicing mindful movement is wonderful to do when you have a guide. Gentle somatic movement flows can be done anywhere at anytime whenever you need, but it's so nice to have someone else guide you through the process, so you can let go and let your mind and body relax into the experience. This is what I'm offering in my online classes in somatic movement. These classes use Gentle Somatic Yoga flows which help release muscular tension and bring your mindful attention to what feels good for you, so you can take that away and apply it to your life for enhanced enjoyment in everything.


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