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Body awareness guided explorations

5 short guided explorations of your body 5 different ways.  Explore sitting, standing, walking, spine, neck and shoulders.  These explorations come with videos to follow and audios to download for you to put on any device to do anywhere. 

These relaxing explorations help you unwind and find your natural posture and grace.  Through repeated explorations you will come to understand yourself better in how you sit, stand and move.  Using mindful movements and somatic exploration you will discover places of tension and encourage your body to let go, allowing the natural supports of your muscles and bones to do their job with ease.


Partner dance
Finding flow - increasing awareness in partner dance

This short e-book is a guide for people interested in conscious, mindful movement and partner dancing. Here you will find movement exercises to help you cultivate a deeper and more mindful approach to the art of partner dance. It covers three essential facets of partner dance: body awareness, musical expression and dance partnership, and contains exercises to increase your awareness in these areas. Whether you're an experienced partner dancer, a beginner or just interested in the subject, this guide is offered to help you express yourself with ease and creativity and to help you find a joyful state of flow in your dancing.