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Helen Cheney
Movement teacher

I have been exploring movement all of my life and I have created this space to join you in a journey of self-discovery and expression through intuitive movement. For many years I have explored movement instruction as a partner dancer and fitness teacher but I found myself wanting to understand myself and movement on a deeper level, to know myself and life better through body awareness and creative expression. So, piece by piece, my movement journey started to widen and grow through exploration of somatic movement, yoga, Pilates and many conscious dance and movement practices.


It is through mindful body awareness that I can understand myself on this deeper level. I can explore how I move intuitively as my unique self, and then learn to love my unique expression. I have a fascination with how the body moves anatomically and enjoy exploring and getting to know this more and more. But more than this, mindful movement has helped me find ways to consciously release tension held in my body and self-correct muscular and postural imbalances so that I can move well.


By practicing mindful body awareness I become present. My awareness comes into my body as a way of meditating and I cultivate deep listening to myself, leading me to be much more self-compassionate and to also understand myself in relation to the world and other people in my life. This brings me to a fuller life where I enjoy creative exploration and expression through movement, dance and connection with other people and the wider world.


My aim here is to hold space for you in this exploration so that you may be your most authentic self, in joyful, creative discovery and movement.

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