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What is yoga?

Yoga is finding connection between yourself, your life and the wider universe.  The practice of yoga increases you awareness of your self through physical postures, breathing practices and meditation.  How you practice on your mat is a reflection of how you move through life and you can use this as a guide self-reflection.

I teach yoga through the practice of physical postures called asanas, breathing and meditation.


These are postures and poses for the body which help to nourish the body through strengthening, stretching, enlivening and calming positions.  Each posture encourages mindful practice through bringing awareness and dynamic adjustment to how you are in each pose.


Focus on the breath encourages calm and brings clarity to the mind.  Moving and using the breath helps to bring a union to your mind and body.  Using breathing patterns helps to expand lung capacity as well as bring awareness to how the breath is entering, leaving and nourishing the body.


The practice of asana and breathing bring you into a relaxed state for easier meditation.  Meditation makes space for your mind so you can reflect on aspects of your life.

Over time, this practice brings more nourishment to the body and clairty of mind for overall health and vitality.  All of these aspects are included in my Pilates and somatic movement teaching, however a yoga class is a more traditional style of practicing these methods.

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