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About Pilates

Pilates is a system of strength and flexibility exercises (developed by Joseph Pilates - originally called contrology).  It's focus is on alignment of the body and good function of core muscles.  Muscles can provide one of two functions within the body, movement or stabilisation.  Most of us are familiar with our muscles used for movement as these perform the everyday actions of our lives such as lifting, bending, walking, etc.  Our stabilising or core muscles, however, help keep our joints in place and our posture functioning correctly for ease of movement.  Problems arise when stabilising muscles under perform and movement happens with no stabilisation of the joints or spine.  This leads to injury, poor posture and less than optimal functioning of the body.

Why do core/stabilising muscles under perform?

A reason for this is that we subconsciously forget how to use our core muscles.  This typically happens through repeated unhelpful patterns of muscular use or through inactivity of muscles for long periods of time, for example, sitting for hours every day.

My approach to Pilates

My teaching of Pilates helps you to re-establish the connection of the brain to the core muscles and helps you to reconnect with your whole body.  As well as this, you begin to strengthen muscles that may have been inactive a long time and re-integrate full muscular function of both your core and movement muscles.

Pilates uses six principles in order to help build mind-to-muscle connection and to activate good muscle function.  Read more about these principles here.

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