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Intuitive body awareness

Somatic movement practices to

~Deepen self-awareness

~Relax and release stress

~Build strength

~Improve posture

Body Awareness
Movement Classes

Mindful movement classes that teach a blend of somatic awareness, yoga and Pilates.

Personally Designed
Movement Practice

I can design a personal movement practice tailored for you, your body, and your needs.

Online Courses

Movement and body awareness courses you can do anytime from home.  All you need is a space to practice.

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Somatic Movement - Gentle Somatic Yoga using Hanna Somatics

This is a space for you to drop into your body to move for relaxation and self-understanding.  Somatic movements are gentle, mindful movements to help you become aware of the places you hold tension and then gently release them, freeing you to move with more ease and flow.

Gentle Somatic Yoga guides you to be in the moment and brings you into a mindful, meditative state.  Moving mindfully takes you out of your head and into your body helping you tap into the wisdom you hold there.  You can find your own healing through understanding your body more deeply, understanding what it has to say and what it needs to be healthy and whole.

Using somatic movement flows that encourage the muscles to relax, you let go of tension which is held unconsciously in your body.  These movement flows help you re-pattern your neuro-muscular pathways so your body can remember how to move freely, returning you to your natural state of flow and peace.

You tap into your own pleasure by finding what feels good to you.  Through this movement exploration you can explore what feels good.  This leads to moving for fun, exploration and creativity.

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Pilates and functional movement

Through building body awareness, alignment and strength you feel good in your body.  No-matter where you begin you will flow more easily when you feel aligned and your body is working in harmony.  By working with breath and movement you start to feel whole as you become more connected, moving as one integrated body.

Every body moves differently and you will become aware of your anatomy and how your muscles function. This is because the focus is on moving mindfully and your own body awareness.  You will bring your attention to your small, and often under-used, postural muscles which help to keep you moving and standing well.  You will become aware of habitual patterns of movement that have caused imbalances in your body and through practice you can re-activate and re-integrate all of your muscles, so that you begin to function harmoniously in your movements. 

With regular practice you feel stronger, stand taller and feel good in your body.  You will build strength and move better when your whole body becomes integrated and works together.  You will understand how you are an interconnected being in all parts of your body and because this is a mindful practice you will finish feeling refreshed and focused.

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Yoga brings your mindful attention to your body, breathing and state of being.  This calming and invigorating practice will help you become more aligned in your body and mind, helping you to calm your thoughts and strengthen your body.

Practicing yoga poses regularly helps to strengthen, align and lengthen your muscles.  The benefits of this will be felt through gaining strength and more flexibility.  It is a gentle way to get yourself moving, exercising and enjoying being in your body.

The body is reflection of the mind.  By becoming present to how your body is, you become aware of patterns you hold in your thinking and how you show up in your everyday life.  Yoga helps you understand yourself at this deeper level so you can make better choices in your life.

You do not need to be flexible or fit to practice.  In fact, the practice of yoga is meeting and accepting yourself and your body as it is right now, letting go of the ego mind which wants to push and compare.  This practice gives us a gentle reminder of how to listen and be kind to ourselves.

Sitting body awareness
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Gentle Somatic Yoga Helen Cheney
Yoga in Nature

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Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

T: 0432 038 016 /  E: info [at] helencheney .com

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