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Energy flow through alignment

A good flow of energy through the body helps us to feel vital and alive. Think about when you have sat around all day in a slumped position, probably doesn't make you feel very energised, does it? However, after stretching and lengthening out your muscles energy flows back through you again so you feel alert and energised.

Energy flows well through your body when it has an open and straight path to travel. That is one of the reasons why practicing body awareness of good alignment is beneficial. All of the methods I teach here, somatic awareness, yoga and Pilates all help bring you back into alignment in different ways, but the improvement of alignment, and hence, better energy flow are the outcome.

Yoga asanas bring you into alignment because of the focus on lengthening tight muscles; finding strength to sit and stand upright and finding balance and efficiency in different poses. In fact, one of the reasons behind gaining strength and flexibility through the yoga asanas is that it enables the ability to sit in an upright aligned position (so that energy can flow through you) and meditate without pain or strain.

Pilates also helps immensely with the strength and flexibility to facilitate this also. Here the focus is not only on alignment but efficiency of moving from the core out to larger muscles. This efficient muscular recruitment patterning helps you maintain alignment throughout all different movements you make throughout the day.

And of course somatic awareness will help you understand where you are in balance and where you aren't. It will help you discover what tension you might be holding onto hindering the natural flow of your energy. The pandiculations practiced in somatics give you more access to muscular function and your ability to maintain your alignment.

However you arrive at better alignment you will feel the benefit of having less blocks to energetic flow. Energy and breath can circulate through you well, helping you maintain balance throughout all of your bodily systems making available to you your vital life-force throughout the day.


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