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Expanding your life experiences

What patterns are you playing over and over again in life?

The beauty of yoga and somatic yoga is that it allows for us to become aware of and to break unconscious patterns. These may be unconscious patterns of movement but they can also be patterns of thinking and feeling too. That is why the practice of yoga on the mat benefits all parts of life, it is a discipline of developing awareness in the practice that help you bring that to your life off the mat.

The benefits of stopping to observe what is going on in the body and mind helps us reset. By coming into a space of stillness, all choices become possible, instead of running down the same path without even realising there was any other way of being.

Somatic and mindful movement allows you to become an observer to how you are moving your body. The space to enquire allows you to ask 'why am I moving in this way?' and more importantly, 'can I move in another way that feels better?' By stepping back and allowing space to see yourself and the choices you are making, possibilities that you couldn't see before open up. You may see the path you have been running instead of being so in it that you had no idea you were doing what you were doing. In this way yoga and somatic movement allow your own self-healing because you cultivate the tools to observe yourself, see your patterns and choices.


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