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Letting go of getting it right

With all of the movement I teach here, there is no need to get anything right. When something is perceived as being 'right' or 'correct' it immediately takes on some form of judgement. It becomes something to be strived for or avoided depending on whether that movement is perceived to be right or wrong. I think it's very helpful to do away with this black and white vision of the world. Nothing is either right or wrong, it's just different and there are things to enjoy about all expression.

The notion of getting things right is a mindset that has been trained into us from a very early age. At school we are graded, tested, revered and degraded all on our performance of things. Being, and doing things 'right', gets the association of being a good person or perhaps better than someone else who is doing something 'wrong'. This mindset is a great way to erode your self-esteem and not enjoy your movement practice.

Of course, when it comes to yoga asanas and muscular engagement in Pilates there are expressions and movements that we are aiming for. If there was no structure there would be chaos, so I'm not saying to do away with aims and goals. However, when we work with awakening our internal awareness of our body there is a continual state of exploration and discovery, not something you are either right or wrong for getting or not getting. The shapes or movement patterns, which may be your aim, unfold in their own time and there is no ending, you can enjoy where you are whatever your current movement expression.

My aim here is to help you explore your relationship to your body and movement in a way that is accepting of your whole self. You can have goals and aims, but they will unfold naturally when you get more in touch with yourself and your moving body. As you focus on where you are at with your body in the now, you enjoy finding your own bodily alignment wherever that might be at the moment. This then releases the pressing need to get to your goals and you can let go of being right or wrong and just enjoy being you.


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