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Exploring play and improvisation

Play is creativeness and children have it in spades. What happens when we grow up, take on responsibilities, become fixed in problem solving and forget the nature of play? It can leave us feeling creatively stagnant. A regular practice of play and improvisation will help with creativity and bringing in a sense of joy of exploration. Being playful means being able to let go of goals. Being playful means letting go of controlling an outcome and experiencing something for how it actually is right now. Being playful means letting go of responsibility to achieve, and being playful means letting things be fun and not serious. What better ways to bring yourself into a healthy state of mind and being than all of these things.

I find nothing more conducive to being in the moment than movement and dance improvisation. To me it's all about being creative and letting go of a fixed routine. Responding and playing with the moment rather than imposing my fixed ideas on how I want an outcome to look. This state of mind allows new possibilities to come to me as I let myself be guided by the music or by listening to how my body wants to move and experience rather than following an imposed pattern. It's a sense of internal exploration rather than external imposition.

As a short movement practice, put on a song that moves you (quite literally), let go of any fixed ideas of how you need to move and just see where your body wants to flow. You'll loosen up muscles, joints and your state of being to flow with the rhythm and feeling of the music, just for the sake of fun, play and joyful exploration. See how it affects your mind and being.


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