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Being inquisitive in movement

Somatic movement is about a lot of things. It's about re-patterning movement habits, relaxation and self-understanding, but what it is also about is curiosity and a sense of exploration. By observing our movement patterns without judgement we have a space to explore without there being a need to get somewhere. This allows space to play with new movements we may not have made before with a sense of enquiry and fun.

In somatic movement the encouragement is on letting go of judgement. Judgement about your body and how you think you 'should' be and just noticing how you are. In each moment you are different, so somatic movement creates a space for you to just observe this. You begin to observe yourself and how you are without being clouded by your own thoughts telling you that you need to be this or that.

Part of somatic movement is learning about and finding possibility within your body. Through mindful movement enquiry you come to know yourself better, not just your body and how you move, but also your mindset towards yourself, your body and how you live life. Once you understand yourself you can consciously choose different patterns of moving and being.

By being inquisitive about yourself, you invite a playful state of mind and let go of the seriousness of needing to be one way or another. You can let go and enjoy being yourself, enjoy being in the body you are in and notice what your body does for you, letting yourself appreciate this.

Inquisitiveness means you can enjoy moving, just for sheer fun and curiosity. Something that comes so naturally to us as children and yet gets forgotten or clouded over as adult responsibilities take centre stage. It think it's important to regain or remind ourselves of this sense of wonder, and the exploration in somatic movement helps to embody this way of being - helping us to remember our innate curiosity, sense of fun and not to take things too seriously.


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