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Moving to feel good

How can moving to feel good help us with our own health?

In order to stay healthy you need to know what is good for your body, as only you can know what feels good for you. Through consciously exploring movement you can explore how you move and what is right for your body.

Practices such as yoga, Pilates or dance are incredibly helpful in highlighting what you need to be healthy. When you move mindfully, you listen to what you need and go with how you feel in the moment. The more you are able to listen to your body, the more you come to understand what feels right, when to move and when to rest, following the actions that feel good.

Every day your body is different. Your physical body will be affected by what physical activities you've been doing recently and also what level of stress it has been processing. All of these will be reflected in how you feel when you move and you will want to move in different ways each time. By exploring and following your intuition and finding movements that feel nice, you can open yourself up to noticing and releasing muscular tension.

Mindful movement then, gives you the ability to choose how to move because you know and understand yourself. You will be able to tailor your own practice easily because you have an understanding of what your body needs and what it is asking for, not pushing unnecessarily beyond your boundaries. Explore and have fun with what you discover.

I have posted a short video on moving to feel good which you can watch here. Feel free to use it anytime you need to get moving and tune in to yourself, perhaps in the morning or after working for a long period.


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