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Dynamic stretching - part 2

As a follow on from the first part of this article, the second part of dynamic stretching is to realise that you are never the same on any two days. So what you were capable of one day may not be the case today. And it's learning to be ok with this that is the trick.

We live in a world where the focus is on constant expansion and the idea that, bigger, harder, faster, stronger = better. No, it doesn't! bigger=bigger, harder=harder, faster=faster and stronger=stronger than some other comparison, but that's it. None of it = better. This thinking leads to consumerism, competitiveness with each other and depletion of the world's resources in the quest to feel like the best or the most, with the misguided view that any of this somehow equals better. I highlight this not to feel guilty about it, but to recognise it. For guilt does nothing to help us move in a different direction, it stagnates us. Recognition without judgement leads us to open, and to allow another way of being if we so choose it.

However, philosophical musings aside, my point is to recognise that you are different every day and no one day is better than another no matter how far you stretch into a pose. You have different energy levels depending on what is going on in your life, be that changing everyday stresses or perhaps more biological reasons such as where you are in your menstrual cycle to what time of day it is. There are any number of reasons for us to feel more or less energetic on any one day.

Those days where your practice doesn't feel as beneficial because you weren't as focussed as the day before, or you didn't move your body as much into a posture as you did the day before or you just didn't feel as good afterwards as you have before, are all just as beneficial if all you do is recognise that this is where you are right now. Not judging it as being less than, it just is what it is. This will help you stay relaxed when you practice, it will help you notice more and more about yourself and you will find a sense of calm with it all. That's why this is called a practice, because you keep going no matter what you see happening, and it is that sense of constant showing up to notice, no-matter what, that you do it. You might decide some days that to do anything at all doesn't sit right with you, that is still the practice, to recognise when it doesn't serve you also.

So at the end of the day, it's not about a goal, or getting somewhere, but mindful noticing and not judging what you find. Being dynamic and opening up to the possibilities of what you find with intrigue and interest. This will bring you far deeper into self-enquiry and deepen your practice rather than reaching for the goals of striking poses.

I hope this helps you in your yoga poses or any type of stretching/activity you choose to do. For the first part of this article read here.


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