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Layers of somatics

There are so many levels to somatic movement work. I write to you fully inspired and moved by a weekend long workshop I attended. I have taken a number of deep dives into this work and I feel like layers of myself are discovered and a deepening of myself every time I am guided into this practice.

In this particular workshop I noticed parts of myself which I could now allow to let go where I couldn't before. Parts of myself where I thought I was already letting go but there were more layers waiting to be seen. I discovered new ways to move, and on a deeper level stirred up stored feelings and emotions that were wanting to be felt, acknowledged and let go of as well.

As a practice with so many layers to it, I think somatic movement will meet you where you are at, on any given day and at whatever stage of awareness you are at with your body. You could be an elite athlete or yogi in your body all day long, or a desk-worker who moves little during the day and you would find something in it for you.

We are multi-faceted beings so this practice will work with many layers. There are as many layers as there are ways to use somatic movement as well, it's not simply to relieve pain and regain function, although that will certainly happen and is a welcome part of the practice. As I mentioned before, to release the body is to release emotions and stuck energy, so there will undoubtedly be a change in the whole being and human experience.

As for myself, some days I use the practice before bed to help me fall asleep, sometimes I use it if I feel particularly tight from overuse of my body in some particular area, sometimes it's to discover and release another layer in an area I hold chronic pain. We are multi-layered beings so this practice will work with all aspects of you.

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